Confessions of 'Salt Terrorist Cell' members: Names, background, plot


Published: 2018-09-13 20:20

Last Updated: 2024-04-14 05:37

Confessions of 'Salt Terrorist Cell' members: Names, background, plot
Confessions of 'Salt Terrorist Cell' members: Names, background, plot

The General Intelligence Directorate (GID) released a filmed-confession where members of the "Salt Terrorist Cell" admitted their crime and disclosed detailed information about their background and associated terrorist-attacks plots.

The video was broadcasted on Roya TV Channel on Thursday night, September 13, 2018

A Homemade Explosive Device

On August 10, 2018, a Gendarmerie (Darak forces) bus that was parked in a neighborhood in Fuheis, near the area where the annual Fuheis Festival was taking place, suddenly exploded. The explosion resulted in killing and injuring a number of officers from the police and the Darak forces.

The following day, a statement released by the Ministry of Interior confirmed that the explosion was caused by a terrorist attack. A homemade explosive device was planted in the area where the security vehicle was scheduled to park and was detonated shortly after the bus arrived.

The Salt Hideout

On August 11, 2018, and in less than 12 hours from the Fuheis bus attack, authorities determined the suspects involved in the explosion, their whereabouts and their hideout place: a residential building in Nagb Al Dabbour area, northwestern city of Salt.

The group of terrorists refused to surrender and initiated attacking the security forces with heavy gun-fires. Accordingly, security-joint forces executed a 10+ hours operation, Salt Raid, that resulted in arresting five suspects, while three bodies were pulled from the rubble of the building. 

Captured and Interrogated

Terrorists who explained their background story confessed to plotting further attacks against civilians and governmental institutes. They also revealed that their main target was the General Intelligence Directorate and Balqa Intelligence Directorate, in addition to Security Patrols.

Masterminds of Evil

Name: Ahmad Hashem Radwan Nsour
Birth: 5/10/1986
Nationality: Jordanian, lives in Salt
Education: He holds a Diploma in Civil Engineering
Career: works in a house-helpers' recruitment office
Status: He was killed during the raid

Name: Ahmad Mohammed Ahmed Odeh
Birth: 12/6/1989
Nationality: Jordanian,  lives in Amman
Education: He holds a bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems (MIS)
Career: works for the Norwegian Refugee Relief Organization
Status: He was killed during the raid

Name: Diaa Mohammed Abde Fawair
Birth: 2/5/1986
Nationality: Jordanian, lives in Salt
Education: holds a high school diploma
Career: works in a mosque
Status: He was killed during the raid

Name: Mahmoud Hashem Radwan Nsour 
Birth: 20/6/1991
Nationality: Jordanian, lives in Salt
Education: bachelor's degree in psychological counseling
Career: works as a school teacher
Status: Detained by Security Forces

Name: Munther Mohammed Nimour Al-Qadi
Birth: 14/2/1986
Nationality: Jordanian, lives in Zarqa
Education: diploma in mechanical engineering
Career: works in a recruitment office
Status: Detained by Security Forces


Name: Anas Anwar Adel Saleh
Birth: 5/6/1990
Nationality: Jordanian, lives in Amman
Education: bachelor's degree in computer science
Career: works in a photography shop
Status: Detained by Security Forces


Name: Mahmoud Nayef Musa Hiary
Birth: 3/1/1986
Nationality: Jordanian, lives in Salt
Education: holds a diploma in mechanical engineering
Career: works in construction
Status: Detained by Security Forces


Plan and Ideology

Members of the terrorist group confessed to their crimes. They mentioned the names of their targeted facilities and the tools and techniques used in which they wanted to execute the attacks. 

Explosives found at the group's possession

In the video, one of the members stated that they chose the option of explosives because they believed it would yield better results. The group succeeded in building a total of 55 KG of explosives and executed a trial-explosion in a far away area in Maisah, Salt.