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Intellectual property and guidelines

Intellectual property and guidelines for the use of Image, videos and trademarks on Roya News’ "royanews.tv" Facebook and Instagram pages.

Roya News "royanews.tv" on Facebook and Instagram implements the intellectual property rights standards by publishing the content that it creates, as it is considered the best publication that does not violate copyright laws.

Roya News "royanews.tv" on Facebook and Instagram is committed to helping people and institutions protect their intellectual property rights and does not seek to publish any content that violates any party’s intellectual property, including copyright and trademark.

Roya News "royanews.tv" on Facebook and Instagram is also committed to Jordanian laws put in place to protect intellectual property through various legislative laws, including copyright law, trademark law, patent law, industrial design and models law.

Roya News "royanews.tv" confirms that it is working on applying copyright laws that fall under the legal rights that protect authors’ original works (for example: news, music, movies, arts, videos and photos).

As for the trademarks that are know as a word, symbol or design (for example: a brand name or logo) that distinguish products or services provided by a person, group or company from other products or services provided by other parties. Roya News "royanews.tv" on Facebook and Instagram affirms its commitment not to violate the intellectual property rights of trademarks.

Roya News "royanews.tv" is dedicated to obtaining the appropriate license from the rightful owner before quoting and publishing any information and/or pictures and/or videos, in accordance with the regulations enforced by Facebook, if what will be published does not fall under the category of a public event or figure, for example (photos, videos and news related to the leader of the state, the government, as well as civil and military state institutions), which should be treated as non-private materials.

As for publishing creative work, it is not covered by intellectual property guidelines in the following cases:

First: If a short clip is attributed to its owner.

Secondly, if the purpose of the quote is to criticise the material or if the material quoted is a news topic. However, it must be attributed to its owner in every case.

Third: If the camera took a picture of the creative work in the context of photographing an event, for example (a tour inside an exhibition or an event that various media outlets were invited to, then this does not require permission to photograph and/or publish from its owner.

Fourth: Commitment to the legal period after which property rights expire in Jordan, fifty years after the owner’s death. This period could be extended to seventy years, as is the case in the United States. When in doubt, those in charge of “royanews.tv” page should consult with the media group’s legal department.

Photo and video guidelines:

Roya News "royanews.tv" is committed to using its correspondents and workers’ photos and/or videos, as they are considered the best products that guarantee compliance with ownership rights.

Roya News "royanews.tv" is committed to using images and/or videos from its sources after obtaining the appropriate license, based on the legal specifications that journalists should be aware of.

Roya News "royanews.tv" is committed to publishing the pictures and videos from agencies that signed contracts with Roya Media Group, based on the terms of agreement.

Roya News "royanews.tv" abides by the permitted time frame for use. Agencies may prohibit the use of material before or after a certain date, and using materials after this date may require an additional fee.

Roya News "royanews.tv" is committed to applying the appropriate method and place of use for images and/or videos. Agencies may prohibit the use of material in another media platform belonging to the same subscriber (newspaper, website, etc.), and the use may be restricted to news and excludes documentaries and/or programs.

Photos and/or videos from stations, websites and any other sources:

Roya News "royanews.tv" is bound by two conditions when taking pictures and/or videos from television stations, websites and any other sources, whether in a live broadcast or recorded:

Not to hide the logo of the source and indicate the source of the images and/or videos verbally or in writing, on the screen, news website and / or the Facebook and Instagram page.

Internet images and search engines:

Roya News "royanews.tv" is obligated to indicate the source of the photo and/or video, noting that websites of international organizations, human rights organizations, institutions, bodies, and ministries of the state, civil and military often make their materials and images available without restrictions. However, it is necessary to refer to the terms and conditions published by each website, and take any restrictions regarding publishing dates into consideration.

Social networking sites (YouTube, Facebook, etc.) contain pictures and/or videos that are owned by third parties, so the presence of images and/videos on social media does not mean they are public, and the original sources should be consulted to obtain a license.

Sites affiliated with lobbying and advocacy groups and political or armed movements usually do not place any restrictions. However, the source of the images used should always be mentioned, without exceptions. Archived photos and/or videos

When the source of the archived photos and/or videos is news agencies, Roya’s news page "royanews.tv" is committed to double check when it receives it, as some agencies prohibit the use of photos and/or videos after a certain period of time. If the need to use certain pictures and/or videos arises after the legal time has passed, approval should be requested from the agency’s library or news exchange department.

When the source is film material or pictures that were purchased by the Roya Media Group, guidelines stipulated in the contract must be reviewed. As some film materials and/or images must be published within a certain period of time, after which they are no longer the property of Roya Media Group.

Roya News "royanews.tv" is also obligated to purchase or download content (for example, a song from iTunes).

Recording content using your own recording equipment (for example: a song playing in the background during a celebration, concert, sporting event, wedding, etc.).

Roya News "royanews.tv" is committed to attributing materials to copyright owner and including a disclaimer statement that the publication is not intended to violate copyright or to profit from it. Roya News will also indicate when modifying the work or adding original Roya News content to it, which also does not aim to violate ownership rights. Roya News will note that the work can be found online and has already been published by others, making it fall under the category of public material, and therefore, it is fair to use as long as the source is mentioned.

Roya News "royanews.tv" confirms that it generally seeks to obtain written permission from the author of the work and/or pictures and/or videos, and/or its owner before publishing the content on Facebook. Noting that Facebook guidelines allow the use of the content owned by another person, if it is publicly available, subject to fair use or other copyright exception.


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