MPs approve amendment to Article 98 on 'honour crimes'


Published: 2017-07-31 14:36

Last Updated: 2024-06-13 11:17

Article 98 which deals with "mitigating circumstances" for "honour crimes" (Archive photo)
Article 98 which deals with "mitigating circumstances" for "honour crimes" (Archive photo)

MPs approved a number of amendments to the Penal Code during two legislative sessions on Sunday, including to the controversial Article 98 which deal with so-called honour crimes, while postponing debate on Article 308, which allows marriage between rapists and their victims.

The Jordan Times reported that there was "extensive debate" under the dome and "more than 500 suggestions" made, with amendments focused on increasing sentences for terrorism-related offences, crimes against public officials, giving false testimony, festive firing and other firearms offences, money laundering, cyber crimes and invasions of privacy, among others.

A majority of lawmakers approved the amendments to Article 98, which deals with "mitigating circumstances" for "honour crimes". The passing of the amendments was praised by civil society and human right activists, The Jordan Times reported.

The original text of Article 98 stipulates that the perpetrator can argue for "mitigating circumstances" in their crime, such as a "severe rage tantrum" caused by the "actions of the victim".

Discussion and vote on Article 308, which allows rapists to marry their victims to escape punishment, was postponed after a suggestion by Lower House Speaker Atef Tarawneh "due to the huge numbers of suggestions and arguments scheduled to be presented by MPs," The Jordan Times added.