Corona outbreak in Jordan: What we know so far


Published: 2020-03-04 09:58

Last Updated: 2024-05-18 12:30

Corona outbreak in Jordan: What we know so far
Corona outbreak in Jordan: What we know so far

In its daily brief, the Ministry of Health confirmed on Tuesday, March 3, that 54 people are currently quarantined as a precaution against the corona outbreak.


So far, only one coronavirus case is confirmed in the Kingdom. The infected citizen is in good health condition and will be receiving the necessary treatment until he recovers.

Suspected cases:

Only one person is suspected of having the virus as he had direct contact with the infected citizen. The citizen is currently quarantined. 


The total number of people quarantined has reached 54. All the quarantined arrived in Jordan from countries with corona cases.

However, the total number of people who left the quarantine after 14 days has reached 204. None of them had the virus.

Quarantine sites:

Two COVID-19 quarantine sites were selected, namely the Epidemic Diseases Center (Isolation Center) of Al -Bashir Hospital and a hotel that was rented by the Health Ministry in Amman.

Travel procedures:

Non-Jordanians coming from China, South Korea, Iran and Italy are prevented from entering the Kingdom. However, Jordanians coming from these countries will be immediately quarantined as a precaution.

Rumors and fake news:

People circulated a video on social media platforms and claimed that it shows medical staff evacuating people in the city of Petra, as they are suspected of having the virus.

However, the Petra Development and Tourism Regional Authority (PDTRA) Chief Commissioner, Suleiman Farajat confirmed that the video shows a pre-scheduled exercise on emergency medical evacuation.

Advice for the public:

-Avoid direct contact with anyone who has corona symptoms, which include cough, sneezing, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties.

-Regularly wash your hands with soap and water.

-Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.

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