More details on natural gender change incident in Jordan


Published: 2019-09-04 11:50

Last Updated: 2019-09-04 13:56

Mahmoud Zreikat, Director General of Al-Bashir Hospital
Mahmoud Zreikat, Director General of Al-Bashir Hospital

After the recent natural gender change incident sparked controversy in Jordan, Mahmoud Zreikat, Director General of Al-Bashir Hospital exclusively told Roya that the incident is not the first of its kind in Jordan.

As he met the child and her father, Zreikat pointed out that the child's voice, face, and composition of the body confirm that the child's gender has turned into a "male."

Zreikat added that the girl underwent medical examinations, which showed that she became free of any female sex hormones, while the secretions of male hormones are high and natural.

Laboratory tests also revealed that the child's body has no ovary, and instead it has a full-grown penis under the skin.

Zreikat noted that the child must undergo surgery to get the penis out so that the child becomes completely a "male."

He explained that in order to change the child's gender, the public prosecutor and the magistrate must be informed through a letter by the child's father, which would include that the child's gender changed.

After that, a decision will be issued by the magistrate to refer the child to a specialized committee at the Hospital, consisting of a surgeon, a specialist and a forensic doctor, in order to issue a report to the public prosecutor, after which he will inform the Civil Status and Passports Department (CSPD), that the child is a "male," and accordingly all the documents and data will be updated.

Zreikat confirmed that the surgery will be performed in the Hospital, while the government will incur all the expenses.