40% chance of snow in Jordan this December


Published: 2018-12-04 12:34

Last Updated: 2018-12-04 15:22

How many inches of snow will we get this year? (Vestiprim.ru)
How many inches of snow will we get this year? (Vestiprim.ru)
Roya News Source

If you’re hoping to build snowmen and make snow angels this winter, your wish is coming true.

Weather forecasters are predicting snowfall during the third and fourth weeks of the current month.

5-14 December

No predicted snowfall, however, at the beginning of this week, temperatures will drop and heavy rain will follow, before temperatures settle again. The end of the week will be cold and rainy once again, yet, no snow will be in sight.

15-21 December

Heavy rain and a sharp drop in temperatures are forecast for this week, with a 40% chance of snowfall.

22-31 December

Less rain will fall during this week and temperatures will be at the usual average around this time of year, with a 10% chance of snowfall.

The Kingdom has witnessed fluctuating weather over the past several months, with heavy rain forming fatal flash floods in parts of the country in October and November.

If it does actually snow as predicted, we have a few suggestions for how you can have fun during the frozen weather.