5 Fun things to do in Jordan if it snows this Friday


Published: 2018-01-16 16:53

Last Updated: 2018-01-17 13:51

Editor: Arwad Khalifeh

Let it snow, let it snow. (Ben Razin Photography/Flickr)
Let it snow, let it snow. (Ben Razin Photography/Flickr)

Snow lovers in Jordan are praying that they’ll wake up to a scene from Frozen on Friday morning, as weather forecasters are predicting freezing cold temperatures and fluffy snow this weekend.

Sure, you can spend the day cosying up to your hot water bottle with a cup of sahlab (traditional hot winter drink), but why miss out on the chance of having fun in the snow, which, may we remind you, only visits us once a year?

Here are 5 fun things you can do if (fingers crossed) it snows this Friday:


1. Turn the hill next to your house into a ski slope

Via Weziwez

Remember when, as kids, this “sidir” (aluminium dish typically used to serve rice) used to turn into a sledge?


2. Make a snow globe

Jordanian mamas are famous for hoarding empty jars and recycling them (well done) for other uses. Why not use one of them to make a beautiful snow globe?


3. Study snowflakes under a magnifying glass

Via CBC.ca

Because magnifying glasses shouldn’t just be used by stamp collectors! Study the intricate details of a snowflake under a magnifying glass, and you’ll never want it to stop snowing again.


4. Build a snowman (or a snownashmi)

Via Regina Leader-Post

No snow day is complete without a snowman. Accessorize yours with a 7atta and 3gal (Jordanian headwear), and you’re ready to take a selfie with your very own snownashmi.


5. And finally, if you REALLY insist on staying indoors, learn how to make your own sahlab

Via Onionin

Many people wait for winter so they can indulge in a cup of creamy sahlab. Making the popular winter drink is easy. All you need to do is follow this simple recipe (and tag us in a picture of the end result afterwards).