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Correction Policy for "royanews.tv" on Facebook and Instagram

Our daily efforts include collecting information and news from the field, and publishing them after fact checking. Sometimes, however, some news or information turns out to be false and, in this case, "royanews.tv" does not hesitate to correct any mistakes it makes. Roya News considers such incidents an opportunity to develop its work mechanism, which goes in line with its commitment to a clear and transparent correction policy with its audience.

At the same time, the "royanews.tv" pages on Facebook and Instagram are committed to combating the circulation of misleading and inaccurate information by reviewing the content, checking facts, assessing accuracy, documenting videos and images, amongst other measures.

Accordingly, the "royanews.tv" page has a clear correction policy and is committed to amending any mistake it makes or publishes on its website and/or official accounts, if there is evidence that a mistake has been made.

To implement the aforementioned, the "royanews.tv" page confirms its audience’s ability to communicate with Roya News through all available methods to file an appeal against any publication/article/news or request Roya News to review a specific post/article/news piece, and the "royanews.tv" page will make sure to respond as soon as possible. The aim is to facilitate the detection of any error as quick as possible to ensure its correction.

The "royanews.tv" page leaves the comments section open on all its posts across different social media platforms as an additional way to detect and clarify errors in its posts to ensure the accuracy of the content it provided its audience with.

The "royanews.tv" page confirms its keenness to go through the messages and emails it receives, as well as the comments on posts, to ensure the accuracy of the content it shares and go through any suggestions submitted by followers or participants to improve the content and ensure accuracy.

The "royanews.tv" page confirms that it will clarify the amendment/correction made if the error affected the validity of the information and the post, but it will not clarify modifications or correction made to fix linguistic and spelling errors unless they affect the content of the publication.

The "royanews.tv" page on Facebook is committed to following the correction procedures that Facebook applies to posts, which stipulates "the publisher must correct false content and/or clearly state that a correction has been made directly to this post if it contains false information.

The owners of the "royanews.tv" page make corrections to URLs and ensure that the related information on "royanews.tv" and Facebook posts (including the main title) have been corrected.

The "royanews.tv" page is committed to amending photo and/or video posts, as well as the captions to correct false content and clearly state that a correction has been made.

“royanews.tv” stresses that it is responsible for the content it shares with its audience - even if that content was not created by it.

According to the standards and laws of Facebook, deleting the post will not lead to the cancellation of the suspension imposed by Facebook management on the page or domain. Over time, pages and domains will be able to restore their ability to publish, advertise and make profits, if they stop sharing misleading information.