Jordanians in 2017: A Year full of achievements!


Published: 2017-12-28 14:10

Last Updated: 2017-12-28 19:07

Jordanians most significant achievemnts in 2017. (
Jordanians most significant achievemnts in 2017. (

While we are saying goodbye for 2017 in few days, we can describe it as a year full of achievements as well as bad news for Jordan and Jordanians on local and regional levels.

However, Jordanians proudly had their fingerprint in the Middle East and the world, by many achivements reached in many fields, including sports, science, arts and many others.

In this article, we decided, proudly, to shine the light on the positive achievements for Jordanians, as it made a huge part of this year.

With a special overlook on Jordanian women role, who have been taking the lion’s share during this year’s achievements.

They stood equally beside men, successfully approving their ability to be an essential part of a Patriarchal society such as the Jordanian society.

In this article, You will find the most significant achievements carried out by Jordanians during the year 2017, which were collected:

Jordanian Taekwondo Olympic gold medalist, Ahmad Abughaush, advanced to fourth place in the Olympic ranking of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) for his weight category. 

- Shadia Bseiso, the first Jordanian female wrestler and jiu-jitsu fighter in the Middle East has signed with World Wrestling Entertainment to become a WWE Superstar. 

- A team of two Jordanian engineers won first place in the fifth annual NASA Europa Challenge 2017 held in Helsinki in September 2017. Farah Salah and Khalid Sharif faced off with 21 other teams from around the world and ended up winning the first place. 

- Ala’ Abu Hijleh announced the first Jordanian female orthopedic surgeon, after she was honored by the head of the Jordanian Orthopedist Association (JOA), in November.

Jordanian MMA fighter wins the 23rd Hungarian Kickboxing World Cup 2017. Oday Abu Hasweh won the world’s championship which took place in Budapest in November. 

Jordanian Emanne Beasha, 8-year-old, won the fifth season of Arabs Got Talent. She performed opera songs and received the highest number of votes, beating nine other contestants who made it to the final. 

- The youngest Jordanian Mayor was elected in August 2018. 27-year-old Hamza Tarawneh was elected to represent the city of Moab in Karak, after winning 3055 votes in Decentralisation and Municipal elections.

Five Jordanian women won the best tech project among 100 participants were taking place in the the TechWomen forum in US.

- Jordanian Judge Ihsan Zuhdi Barakat became the first woman in Jordan to reach the highest position in the law field. After she held several positions including the first Judge to hold the position of Amman’s Deputy General and first Court President for western Amman and others. 

- The Jordanian businessman, Ghazi Abu Nahel, will build the the tallest skyscraper in Australia. He is well-known for his investments in the Middle East, and has been planning the project for the past four years. 

Jordanian architect Asma Bakeirat nominated for the prestigious SBID International Design Award, to compete against 16 talented architects with her classic-meets-modern designs.