Jordanian to build tallest skyscraper in Australia


Published: 2017-10-19 12:09

Last Updated: 2022-01-14 13:10

Ghazi Abu Nahel to build tallest skyscraper in Australia. (Twitter)
Ghazi Abu Nahel to build tallest skyscraper in Australia. (Twitter)

The tallest skyscraper in Australia will be built by Jordanian businessman, Ghazi Abu Nahel, in Perth, capital city of Western Australia.

The skyscraper, which is expected to cost around 1.85 billion US dollars to construct, will consist of two towers. One of them will be the highest building in the northern half of the earth, and it will be the headquarters for the World Trade Center in Australia.

Western Australia’s Government gave the green light to launch the first phase of the project on Wednesday.

The 75-floor building, which covers 1.9 hectares, will include conference centers, apartments and shopping areas.

Abu Nahel, who is well-known for his investments in the Middle East, has been planning the project for the past four years, after he purchased the 11-hectare historic Mandalay property in the Swan Valley in November 2015, for a whopping 4 billion US dollars.