Authorities arrest 537 beggars in December


Published: 2023-01-08 14:30

Last Updated: 2024-06-12 16:41

Authorities arrest 537 beggars in December
Authorities arrest 537 beggars in December

The Ministry of Social Development’s Anti-Vagrancy Directorate arrested 537 beggars during 301 arrest missions across the Kingdom during the month of December.

This information was released Sunday as part of the ministry's latest report detailing the services it provides and the number of beneficiaries it served last month.

The media spokesperson for the ministry Ashraf Khreis mentioned some numbers from the report. According to official numbers, a total of 2,343 families received cash assistance, 1,979 families benefited from other types of aid, 8,781 cases were studied to receive health insurance grants, and 240 others were studied to be exempt from medical expenses.

According to the National Aid Fund’s report, the number of new families benefiting from the monthly aid program reached 1,203 families, 871 new families benefited from the immediate emergency financial aid program, and 47 new families from the physical rehabilitation program.

He added that 11 nurseries and one home-based daycare were given licenses to operate, three nurseries were given official warnings and a total of 148 requests were submitted to buy homes for poor families.

Regarding foster care, seven children were allocated alternative foster care homes and 48 requests were received for foster care families. Additionally, a total of 23 cases were studied regarding the placement of children in foster care homes, and 12 children were discharged from foster care homes.

As for care homes for the elderly, a total of 12 requests were received for the placement of senior citizens in care homes. Seven of them were placed in care homes and six cases are being studied regarding the placement of persons with disabilities in care centers.

A total of 46 requests were received to establish charitable organizations. Requests for financial aid were submitted by 129 charities and 13 for grants to fund development projects. Notably, 15 charities received official warnings.

Regarding the registration of charitable organizations, Khreis said 13 organizations were registered, 36 were dissolved, seven joined the federation and 42 amended statutes were approved.