Farm owner, broker arrested following drowning of child


Published: 2021-09-19 20:06

Last Updated: 2021-10-17 02:14

Farm owner, broker arrested following drowning of child
Farm owner, broker arrested following drowning of child

Sunday, the Governor of Balqa, Feras Abu Qaoud, decided to arrest a farm owner and a broker after a child drowned in the farm’s pond last month.

According to Abu Qaoud, this came as the farm owner did not comply with the conditions of public health and safety.

Earlier, an official source in the Ministry of Interior said that some citizens are constructing water ponds inside private farms, and they are working to rent them in exchange for a material allowance without providing any of the public safety requirements, which puts the tenants of these farms and ponds at risk of drowning, which has already happened during the last stage.

The source explained that these acts pose a threat to the lives and safety of citizens, and this must be stopped in order to preserve the lives of citizens.

He added that public swimming pools are licensed in accordance with the legislation in force to ensure the provision of public safety conditions and the availability of lifeguards, in contrast to the unfortunate reality of water ponds in private farms.

The source stressed that the provisions of the Crime Prevention Law will be implemented through the administrative detention of people who endanger the lives of citizens by renting their own farms in which there are water pools, which may be the cause of drowning and deaths.