Jordanians complain about internet, communication service interruptions


Published: 2021-04-07 12:51

Last Updated: 2021-09-23 06:25

Jordanians complain about internet, communication service interruptions
Jordanians complain about internet, communication service interruptions

Jordanian citizens and residents complained Wednesday of their inability to make phone calls and other forms of communication, along with the sudden and continuous interruptions in internet services, even through applications such as Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp.

Many complained of communication delays in sending and receiving messages, and videos and photos, for the past three days across the Kingdom.

Citizens told Roya that they were not able to make any phone calls during the noon hours, and this situation continued until late at night, during the past the three days.

Additionally, parents and students complained about the constant interruptions in internet services, and the inability of their children to access educational websites, platforms and applications, in light of the necessity of access to the internet seeing as education across the Kingdom is all online due to the pandemic.

Parents told Roya that their children were unable to access the electronic platforms and take exams that were scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday.

They questioned the reasons for these continuous interruptions, which lasted a full half hour, in the midst of a state of disapproval and inquiries about the fate of these examinations that they submitted, especially since some of them are taking international courses, which caused a state of confusion.

Teachers also complained that many of them were unable to give lessons to students through those platforms, which they considered to disrupt the progress of the educational process, in light of exceptional circumstances that had to give lessons and exams remotely.

During the follow-up of citizens' complaints, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority said that it had not received any complaints in this regard, stressing that it would follow up the issue of cutting communications and internet services.