Former Health Minister expects COVID-19 fiercer wave


Published: 2020-06-22 12:26

Last Updated: 2020-06-22 18:16


The former Health Minister, Dr. Saad Al-Kharabsheh, confirmed that global expectations assure that there will be a second coronavirus wave that will be fiercer than the current one.

In an interview with Roya's Nabd Al Balad program on Sunday, June 21, Kharabsheh stressed that we are still facing a great challenge, as COVID-19 cases significantly increase. 

The former minister described the epidemiological situation in Jordan as safe and under control.

He indicated that the cases recorded in the Kingdom are mostly imported, new arrivals, or were in contact with infected people.

Jordan’s comprehensive curfew prevented the pandemic from spreading, he added, noting that scientific data indicate that this pandemic will last for an unknown period, therefore life and activities must reopen gradually with strictly decisive action.

He insisted that people must commit to all public safety measures because many are neglecting these measures as they thought that the danger is already gone.

On the other hand, if an unexpected epidemic breaks out, strict rules may be reimposed, the minister said. 

Kharabsheh thought that there is no danger in reopening schools and universities for the next semester as long as Jordan intensifies the inspection campaigns and people commit to health conditions. He suggested that the government can organize campaigns to raise people's awareness. 

He emphasized his refusal to home quarantine, confirming that it may be necessary if an epidemic outbreak occurs.

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