QAIA publishes survey on passengers' needs, expectations as airport expected to reopen soon


Published: 2020-06-01 19:00

Last Updated: 2023-10-02 18:35

QAIA publishes survey on passengers' needs, expectations as airport expected to reopen soon
QAIA publishes survey on passengers' needs, expectations as airport expected to reopen soon

Jordanians and expatriates in Jordan are wondering about when the air traffic will be back to normal and the Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) will reopen after it was closed in March due to the coronavirus crisis.

During the closure period, the QAIA welcomed a number of flights that carried Jordanian students stranded abroad. In addition, flights were operated to take back home non-Jordanians stranded in the Kingdom.

The QAIA has recently published a survey on the passengers' needs and expectations as the airport is expected to reopen soon.

Regarding the "QAIA Travel Intentions Pulse Survey," Airport International Group CEO Nicolas Claude stated: "While planning for the resumption of QAIA operations following the temporary flight suspension resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, Airport International Group aims to ensure that preparations are on par with Jordanian safety and security precautions and international industry standards, which are aligned with national measures, whilst meeting passenger needs and expectations. As such, the International Group seeks to understand what the majority of QAIA passengers would consider a priority so as to be able to identify areas of focus and take required actions accordingly."

Claude said: "the more data we gather about our passengers, the better we can guarantee their satisfaction with the travel experience extended at QAIA, especially during the unprecedented and challenging times the world is currently enduring, which have severely affected the vitality of the aviation industry at large."

"To this end, the purpose of our survey is to shape an idea about the intentions of passengers traveling from Jordan during COVID-19 in order for us to review QAIA’s readiness in terms of the month in which passengers intend to travel so as to anticipate peak numbers, passenger information such as age, gender and destinations, type of safety measures passengers expect at the airport, areas of importance to passengers when traveling, the information and resources passengers are looking for prior to travel, and other measures or requirements the airport can provide to facilitate passenger travel," Claude added.

"This will enable QAIA's Senior Management team to improve implemented procedures, cater to passenger needs and ultimately deliver a seamless and enjoyable travel experience, consequently contributing to the swift resumption of traffic for the benefit of the tourism sector and national economy as a whole," he noted.