300 random samples tested for coronavirus in Ma'an


Published: 2020-05-09 13:39

Last Updated: 2020-05-09 13:56


The Director of Ma'an Health Affairs, Dr. Amjad Abu Darwish, has said that 300 random samples were tested in different regions in the governorate to ensure that there are no coronavirus cases there.

In a statement, the official added that "in line with the precautionary measures followed by the Directorate of Health Affairs of Ma'an governorate and pursuant to the directives issued by the government, new epidemiological survey campaigns were carried out targeting all workers in the Mudawara Borders Center and the Correctional and Rehabilitation Center and certain areas within the Eil District.

He indicated that the results of the tests will be revealed as soon as they are shown, adding that the Directorate will conduct tests for volunteers, who are engaged in charitable activities and distribute free meals to people and truck drivers who pass through the governorate to ensure that they are free of infection.

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