Teachers Syndicate issues apology to Roya TV


Published: 2019-10-03 18:15

Last Updated: 2019-10-03 18:38

Teachers Syndicate issues apology to Roya TV
Teachers Syndicate issues apology to Roya TV

The Jordanian Teachers Syndicate has apologized to Roya TV after two teachers attacked Roya crew today during a protest that teachers organized in the vicinity of the Professional Associations Complex in Amman.

In press statement issued this evening, the media spokesman for the Syndicate, Nour Al-Deen Nadeem said that any attack on a journalist is considered as an attack on teachers, pointing out that the media is a partner of the Syndicate in conveying its message.

Nadeem added that the Syndicate will open an investigation into the attack.

As Roya crew were covering the protest, teachers have verbally insulted Roya crew, beat them, and prevented them from covering the protest.

They have also told them "You are against teachers and the strike. You are not allowed to cover the protest."

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