License terms of food trucks, kiosks in Jordan


Published: 2019-07-17 15:13

Last Updated: 2024-05-25 11:29

License terms of food trucks, kiosks in Jordan
License terms of food trucks, kiosks in Jordan

Greater Amman Municipality's (GAM) removal of a hut owned by a young man selling Kanafa on firewood has raised questions on the legality of the removal and the conditions for licensing kiosks and food trucks in Jordan, and triggered discontent among citizens.

The regulation of street hawkers, stalls and kiosks was issued in the Official Gazette in 2016, in which no person is allowed to carry out this work without a license, under the penalty of removal, confiscation of goods and imposition of a fine.

At the beginning of this year, GAM approved the licensing instructions for food trucks "mobile restaurants" according to its standards, as these instructions included information regarding the license, location, the vehicle, workers and working hours.

It included the preparation and sale of snacks, hot and cold drinks, sweets and ice cream, and stipulated that no other profession should be exercised.

GAM stipulated on the safety of the food provided, health and safety requirements of the vehicle and its readiness through cooperation and coordination with Jordan Food and Drug Administration (JFDA) and Drivers and Vehicles License Department (DVLD).

The law allows internationally known companies in this field to apply for a license on the condition of not obtaining more than two licenses, in order to raise the level of competitiveness and performance among all who work in this field, knowing that it is not allowed to obtain more than one license per person.

In its definition of the cart, the government considered that it is any vehicle, truck or street hand cart used to display or sell any commodity of any kind.

According to the law, the Municipality collects a fee of JOD 100 for granting a license to the vendor.

The Municipality also collects the following annual fees:

  1. JOD 150 for the vehicle license.
  2. JOD 200 for the license of stalls.
  3. JOD 300 for the license of the kiosk.