Agriculture Ministry warns against weather condition


Published: 2018-11-21 16:12

Last Updated: 2021-06-12 09:24

Agriculture Ministry warns against weather condition
Agriculture Ministry warns against weather condition

Jordanian Ministry of Agriculture urged citizens to follow the weather forecast and take precautions regarding the current weather conditions. The ministry also warned farmers and citizens against picking olives during the rains, especially near valleys were floods may form.

Farmers are advised to lightly water the plants in order to minimize the effects of frosts. Farmers are also instructed to tightly seal the greenhouses to keep it warm. In case there is a need to generate heat, the Ministry recommends burning dry grass and animal waste instead of tires - which pose a threat to the environment.

In order to take advantage of the rainfall, farmers are urged to collect water by creating reservoirs and cleaning existing ones. The Ministry of Agriculture advised beekeepers to keep the hives away from streams and valleys and not to move them during the rainy weather or during the strong winds.

The Ministry emphasized that sheep farmers are to avoid grazing near streams and valleys and to clean the yards and barns in order to prevent infection of mastitis and feces. Those breeders were also advised to pay attention to newborns -as in keeping them warm- during the cold weather.

In case of inquiries and questions, the Ministry and its Directorates are ready to answer questions, assist citizens and farmers, and to provide further advice and guidance.