SSC: Ministries, universities, municipalities to include all employees


Published: 2018-11-17 11:49

Last Updated: 2018-11-17 11:54

Jordan's Social Security Corporation (SSC)
Jordan's Social Security Corporation (SSC)
Roya News Source

Official spokesperson of the Social Security Corporation (SSC), Musa Subaihi, said that some ministries and universities in addition to municipalities are employing Jordanians in the form of service-contracts, which is required by law to enroll these employees in SSC, but unfortunately these institutions insist on not including these employees, in defiance to the law.

In a press statement on Saturday, November 17, 2018, Subaihi called on these institutions to include their employees in the Social Security program as soon as possible as law entitles them to benefit gtom the services of SSC along with their family members.

Subaihi added that any person who operates under any establishment in the economic field, whether in public or private sectors’ institutions or civil society organizations, has the right to be covered by the provisions of the Social Security Law. If one is working at an establishment or under its administration and supervision and is paid for that work, he or she is entitled to be enrolled in SCC - provided that he or she is 16 year old or above.

This applies to the vast majority of cases, indicating that the workers in these establishments, and regardless of the nature of the work or duration, whether by appointment, by contract, or by commission, and regardless of the nature of their calculated working hours; whether their salary paid daily, monthly or weekly, are to be enrolled into SSC services.

Subaihi expressed discontent at the lack of commitment by some government agencies. He called on all ministries, official departments, public institutions, councils, municipalities and public universities that contact workers and employees to abide by the law, which guarantees workers benefiting from SSC programs and services.

Any clause in the contract of employment between the worker and the employer that mentions non-entitlement to social security coverage is considered void and does not relieve the employer of his/her legal responsibility, Subaihi concluded