Today's good weather will turn into rainy weather on Tuesday and Wednesday


Published: 2018-11-11 15:48

Last Updated: 2018-11-11 16:04

Rain is expected to fall and could cause some flooding. (CityAM)
Rain is expected to fall and could cause some flooding. (CityAM)

Over the weekend, southern Jordan was swept by flash floods that claimed the lives of 12 people. 

Sunday has been a good start to the week, as the weather has finally stabilised and it's been sunny and relatively warm in Amman and most parts of the Kingdom.

After sunset, temperatures will drop and clouds will gather, with a chance of scattered rain in northern and eastern parts of the country.

On Tuesday, daytime temperatures are predicted to be moderate in all areas, however, clouds will begin to gather at night, and thunderstorms and rain - potentially heavy rain - are forecast, which poses the risk of floods forming in valleys and low areas.

Come Wednesday, it is predicted that temperatures will drop further and plenty of rain will fall in different parts of the country.

Therefore, the Jordan Meteorological Department is warning citizens who live in those areas to take the necessary precautionary measures to stay safe, while warning everyone else from slipping on the road and from low visibility in dusty and sandy areas.