Meet the blind shepherd who has never lost a goat


Published: 2018-03-22 12:38

Last Updated: 2018-03-22 13:44

Shepherd Sabir Khan. (Screenshot)
Shepherd Sabir Khan. (Screenshot)

Watching a shepherd keep their flock of sheep in order is mighty impressive. But when a blind shepherd does it, now that’s something else.

Sabir Khan from Madhya Pradesh in India has been a shepherd for ten years, and despite being blind, he’s never lost a goat.

He joined the trade with just two goats as part of one NGO’s social inclusion program for the visually-impaired. Today, he shepherds 30 goats using a high-pitched call to keep them in line.

“When I call them they call come and gather around me,” Khan told Al Arabiya English.

Khan uses a different pitch in the evening to call his herd, and with a helping hand from the NGO volunteers, he is guided towards his home.

The blind shepherd also gets a little help from one of his goats, whom he puts on a leash and lets it guide the other goats.

Shepherding is counted amongst one of the world’s oldest occupations. It began some 5,000 years ago in Asia Minor, before spreading throughout Eurasia.

Click here to watch the shepherd in action.