If you want to be rich, move to India


Published: 2018-02-27 12:56

Last Updated: 2018-02-28 08:35

A surprising city topped the list. (Thejournal.ie)
A surprising city topped the list. (Thejournal.ie)

If your salary is barely keeping you alive in Jordan and you’re looking to find a better lifestyle abroad, you need to pack up your bags and head to Mumbai, India.

According to the latest HSBC Expat Explorer survey, the world’s highest-earning expats work in Mumbai.


The average salary of an expat working in India’s largest city is a whopping $217,165 (per year), more than twice the global average of $99,903.

Mumbai is India’s financial, commercial and entertainment capital, giving expats plenty of things to spend their salaries on.

If you are having doubts about what you will be able to buy with an average salary, it might be comforting to learn that purchasing power is higher in Mumbai in comparison to Amman in almost everything. Excluding rent, which is 39.7 percent more expensive, according to Numbeo everything else is cheaper.

Next on the list was San Francisco, where foreign workers can expect to earn an average salary of $207,227.

Other cities ranking alongside Mumbai and San Francisco on the top 10 list were Zurich ($206, 875), Shanghai ($202,211), Geneva ($184,942), New York ($182,240), Los Angeles ($161,126), Jakarta ($152,589), Hong Kong ($148,410) and Paris ($139,602).

The Arab cities where expats earn above the global average were Dubai ($138,177), Doha ($131,408), Abu Dhabi ($127,456), Kuwait City ($123,041), Riyadh ($116,679), Muscat ($113,733).

Findings from the largest independent global survey, now in its tenth year, were based on the feedback of 27,587 expats worldwide.