Real-life Superman saves 50 people from burning car at petrol station


Published: 2017-10-12 09:42

Last Updated: 2017-10-12 09:58

The driver pushed the burning car with his own 4x4. (YouTube)
The driver pushed the burning car with his own 4x4. (YouTube)
Roya News Source

Move over Superman, there is a new hero in town!

A Saudi man risked his life to save at least 50 people who were gathered nearby a burning car at a petrol station in Riyadh, Saudi news site Sabq reported.

The driver, Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Rajban, bravely drove into a ball of fire to push the burning car away from the gas pumps.

Twenty-something Rajban has been dubbed a “national hero” since footage of his heroic act went viral on social media.

“ I was coming out of the mosque following the Maghrib (Sunset) prayers when I saw a large crowd trying to deal with a car on fire next to the petrol pump.

“It was a dramatic scene with many civilians next to the car and others at the nearby ATM machine. I felt a strong urge to make the scene safe for everyone and I did not hold myself back. I got in my car, drove it to the burning vehicle and pushed it away from the pump to avoid the tragedy waiting to happen.

“Thank God, everything was fine. My car was slightly damaged, but that is not an issue as my duty towards my country and the innocent people at or near the petrol station. When I returned to the station, I found the civil and police forces dealing with the situation. They asked for my testimony and for further details,” he said.

Hats off to the young man.