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Hezbollah’s Secretary-General, Hassan Nasrallah

Hezbollah's Nasrallah warns Netanyahu
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Hezbollah's Nasrallah warns Netanyahu

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1 week ago|
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1 week ago|

Hezbollah’s Secretary-General, Hassan Nasrallah, emphasized the importance of the resistance staying vigilant and prepared for the worst scenarios, even though he hopes to avoid such outcomes.

Nasrallah stated, “If Netanyahu persists in pursuing this conflict, he will lead his nation to disaster, and this is a fact backed by evidence.”

He continued, “We will not tolerate any aggression from the Israeli Occupation enemy against southern Lebanon if the conflict with Gaza comes to an end. Should there be a resolution in Gaza, we will halt fire in the south, as we serve as a supportive front.”

Nasrallah noted that the Israeli Occupation faces a dilemma on the Lebanese front and has no viable options. He assured that the resistance in Lebanon is ready, well-prepared, and strong, as demonstrated by its responses to previous attacks.

He also conveyed a warning to the Israeli Occupation Forces: “When your tanks appear, you should know who is waiting for them, and our fighters are highly skilled.”