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New Iranian frigate Sahand sailing in the Persian Gulf waters. (December 1, 2018) (Photo: Iranian army)

Iranian warship sinks in Persian Gulf

Iranian warship sinks in Persian Gulf

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Iranian frigate “Sahand” sank today in the waters of the Bandar Abbas port, after it was briefly repositioned on Sunday – per NourNews agency. 

“The Sahand warship, which was rebalanced on the water with great difficulty on Monday, has now sunk after the rope holding the ship broke,” said the news agency. 

Earlier on Sunday, state media said the ship overturned during repairs at a dock due to water ingress and that efforts were being made to rebalance it.

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The Iranian frigate Sahand, named after a mountain in Iran, is a warship of the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy. 

This frigate is part of the Moudge-class, which are domestically-produced vessels modeled after the British-made Alvand-class frigates. 

The Sahand is equipped with advanced radar, electronic warfare systems, and a variety of armaments, including surface-to-air and anti-ship missiles, torpedoes, and naval guns. 

Commissioned in December 2018, the Sahand symbolizes Iran's efforts to modernize its naval capabilities and enhance its maritime presence in the Persian Gulf and beyond. 

The vessel has participated in various naval exercises and missions, as part of Iran's strategic ambitions and naval self-sufficiency amidst regional tensions.