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Hezbollah fighters in a military parade. (File photo)

Hezbollah attacks “Israeli” military base with large rocket barrage
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Hezbollah attacks “Israeli” military base with large rocket barrage

Published :  
2 weeks ago|
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2 weeks ago|

Rocket alarm sirens were activated in the Lower Galilee, after a major rocket attack of around 20 rockets by Lebanese group Hezbollah, the sirens were activated as far as 35 kilometers from “Israel’s” border with Lebanon. 


Hezbollah took responsibility for the attack afterwards, and said it targeted an “Israeli” military base near Tiberias.


It added that the barrage was a response to the assassination of one its members – a key member in Hezbollah’s air defense unit – in a drone strike by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) in northeastern Lebanon yesterday .


The rocket attack seriously wounded an “Israeli” settler near the settlement of Kfar Zeitim – according to Hebrew media. 


The IOF said that around 20 rockets were launched by Hezbollah at the Lower Galilee.