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Hezbollah meeting with Hamas delegation (Photo: AFP/Hezbollah Military Media Press Office)

Optimism grows for Gaza ceasefire; Hamas, “Israel” resume negotiations

Optimism grows for Gaza ceasefire; Hamas, “Israel” resume negotiations

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2 weeks ago|
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2 weeks ago|

Efforts to secure a ceasefire and negotiate the release of hostages in Gaza have gained momentum, with Hamas presenting a revised proposal and “Israel” agreeing to resume talks, Reuters reported

“Israeli” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in discussions with US President Joe Biden, confirmed “Israel's” commitment to sending a delegation to resume negotiations.

“Israel's” delegation, led by the head of Mossad, is set to engage in discussions following Hamas's adjusted terms, which reportedly no longer demand a pre-condition of a permanent ceasefire before signing an agreement. 

A source within “Israel’s” negotiating team, speaking anonymously, expressed optimism, suggesting a realistic chance for a framework agreement.

A Palestinian official involved in peace efforts indicated that Hamas’s latest proposal could pave the way for a comprehensive agreement, contingent upon “Israeli” acceptance.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan voiced hope for a "final ceasefire" within days and urged Western nations to pressure “Israel” into embracing the terms proposed. 

However, internal challenges persist within Netanyahu's coalition, where far-right partners threaten to withdraw if Hamas remains intact post-ceasefire.

- Hezbollah’s stance -

Hamas communicated its acceptance of a ceasefire proposal to its ally Hezbollah. 

A delegation from Hamas, led by deputy chief Khalil Al-Hayya, briefed Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah on the latest developments during a meeting in Beirut. 

Hezbollah subsequently issued a statement confirming the discussions, describing them as focused on current security and political developments in Gaza.

Hezbollah, engaged in its own hostilities with “Israel” for nearly nine months, utilized rocket and drone attacks targeting northern “Israel” as a show of solidarity with Palestinians enduring “Israeli” airstrikes in Gaza.

The group emphasized that it would uphold a ceasefire agreement immediately upon its implementation in Gaza.

A Hezbollah official reiterated the group's stance, stating, "If there is a Gaza agreement, then from zero hour there will be a ceasefire in Lebanon," aligning with previous declarations.