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What did Labour Party promise people of Britain?
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What did Labour Party promise people of Britain?

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2 weeks ago|
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2 weeks ago|

After securing a majority in the British House of Commons, the Labour Party is now focused on fulfilling the promises outlined in its election manifesto.

Following a sweeping victory in the legislative elections, newly appointed British Prime Minister Keir Starmer vowed to "rebuild" and "unify" the country. This marks the Labour Party's return to governance for the first time since 2010, turning the page on 14 years of Conservative rule.

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Key priorities from the party include:

  • Affirming commitment to recognizing a Palestinian state as part of advancing peace efforts towards a two-state solution.
  • Advocating for an immediate ceasefire and increasing aid to Gaza.
  • Ensuring economic stability through clear tax and spending rules, without raising income tax, national insurance, or value-added tax rates.
  • Improving healthcare by expanding substitute staffing for weekend and evening work.
  • Enhancing security with the establishment of a border security command to combat human trafficking and smuggling.
  • Investing in clean energy with the creation of a publicly owned clean energy company to generate jobs and advance clean energy initiatives.
  • Addressing anti-social behavior by recruiting additional police officers and community support officers.
  • Improving education with plans to hire 6,500 more teachers and introduce free breakfast clubs in primary schools nationwide.

The Labour government under Starmer aims to implement these commitments swiftly to foster stability and growth across various sectors, enhancing the well-being of British society as outlined in their election manifesto.

Keir Starmer, who succeeded Jeremy Corbyn in leading the Labour Party four years ago, has been pivotal in steering the party towards a more centrist position, aiming to regain electability among UK voters. Born in 1962, Starmer has held various leadership roles within the Labour Party and served as Minister for Housing and State Development in the British government from 2009 to 2010.

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