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Meta ends censorship on the word "shaheed" (Photo: Reuters)

Meta ends censorship on word 'shaheed'

Meta ends censorship on word 'shaheed'

Published :  
2 weeks ago|
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2 weeks ago|

Meta officially lifted its ban on the use of the Arabic word "shaheed”, which translates to “martyr”, Middle East Eye (MEE) reported.

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This policy change follows recommendations from Meta's Oversight Board and aims to address concerns about censorship and disproportionate targeting of Arabic-speaking and Muslim communities.

The term “martyr”/”shaheed” has been increasingly used among Arabs and Muslims in recent times, particularly in the context of the ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza.

The word is often employed to honor and commemorate Palestinians who have lost their lives in the war, highlighting their sacrifice and resilience.

Previously, Meta's Dangerous Organisations and Individuals policy led to the removal of millions of posts containing the term "shaheed," regardless of context. This included instances where the term was used for reporting, neutral discussion, or even condemnation.

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The blanket ban faced significant criticism for its impact on freedom of expression and its disproportionate effect on Arabic-speaking users.

In a statement, the board said, "[Shaheed] has multiple meanings, many of which are not intended to glorify or convey approval of violence."