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Shirion Collective: Guardian unveils online anti-Palestinian propaganda network

Shirion Collective: Guardian unveils online anti-Palestinian propaganda network

Shirion Collective: Guardian unveils online anti-Palestinian propaganda network

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2 weeks ago|
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2 weeks ago|

A detailed investigation by The Guardian uncovered the pivotal role of Daniel Linden, a Florida-based tech entrepreneur, in the operations of the Shirion Collective, an influential online network promoting pro-”Israel” narratives and targeting critics of “Israeli” policies, particularly regarding the “Israeli” aggression on Gaza.

Shirion, described as a conspiracy-minded group, gained attention for its aggressive tactics in shaping public opinion across the US, Australia, and the UK.

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The collective, active since late 2023, operates through platforms like X, Telegram, and GoFundMe, where it coordinates the dissemination of anti-Palestinian propaganda and conducts campaigns against pro-Palestinian activists.

According to The Guardian's findings, Linden has been instrumental in Shirion's activities, setting up crowdfunding campaigns, managing social media accounts, and organizing efforts via Telegram channels.

Heidi Beirich from the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism highlighted the concerning nature of Linden's involvement, characterizing his actions as promoting hate under the guise of ideological confusion.

Shirion portrays itself as a "surveillance network" with capabilities to track digital footprints and expose what it perceives as anti-Semitism, although specifics about its AI-surveillance technology, dubbed Project Maccabee, remain vague and unsubstantiated.

The collective has also engaged in controversial activities such as offering bounties for identifying pro-Palestinian protesters, which critics argue fuels harassment and intimidation.

Shirion offers a variety of bounties, ranging from USD 500 for the identification of a student up to USD 10,000 for a politician.

In addition to its divisive tactics, Shirion has been criticized for promoting conspiracy theories and celebrating violence against Palestinians and their supporters. This includes glorifying police violence and spreading disinformation about pro-Palestinian demonstrations.

Shirion also exacerbates Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian sentiments. It has shown support for violence against its supporters in the West and has been known to celebrate the loss of Palestinian lives in Gaza, including journalists and children.

For instance, on April 27th, Shirion reacted to a video depicting Gaza's devastation with comments like "Love that Gaza looks like that now.”

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Linden's ties to Shirion were further underscored through his online presence, including moderating the ShirionCollective subreddit under the username "Danimde" or "Dantheprompt".

His background in digital marketing and previous ventures, such as Clickstein LLC and DG Media LLC, reflects a varied entrepreneurial history, albeit with unclear outcomes for many of his ventures.