What will weather be like this week?


Published: 2024-03-09 11:11

Last Updated: 2024-05-23 07:56

What will weather be like this week?
What will weather be like this week?

Arabia Weather website reported that today, Saturday, the weather will remain relatively cold overall, with varying cloud cover and scattered rainfall, particularly in northern areas.

Winds are forecasted to be moderate and northwesterly, becoming more active in the afternoon and potentially causing dust in desert regions.

The latest weather models suggest a decrease in the cold air mass over Jordan by Sunday, with temperatures expected to rise, creating pleasant weather across different regions and cooler conditions in mountainous areas, accompanied by scattered clouds.

As a warm air mass approaches the region from Monday onwards, temperatures are anticipated to significantly increase, resulting in sunny and pleasant conditions throughout various regions.

Temperatures are predicted to rise even further on Tuesday, surpassing the seasonal average by approximately 6-8 degrees Celsius, with warm weather expected across different areas and the possibility of occasionally dusty south-easterly winds.

Overall, stable and warm weather conditions are forecasted to persist until the end of the week.