Cyberattack disrupts US pharmacies nationwide


Published: 2024-02-22 21:12

Last Updated: 2024-04-23 19:56

Cyberattack disrupts US pharmacies nationwide
Cyberattack disrupts US pharmacies nationwide

Pharmacies across the United States have reported multiple outages in their network due to a cyber attack, causing delays to prescription orders.

The company handling orders and patient payments throughout the United States first took notice of cyber attacks on Wednesday morning - as reported by Fox Business.

“[We] are experiencing a network interruption related to a cyber security issue and our experts are working to address the matter. Once we became aware of the outside threat, in the interest of protecting our partners and patients, we took immediate action to disconnect our systems to prevent further impact," the company said in a statement.

"There is a nationwide outage from some of the largest prescription processors in North America," Canadian Lakes Pharmacy announced on social media - based in Michigan.

“We CAN receive your [prescription] but MOST insurance plans we cannot bill to your insurance company. If you can wait a day or so to pick up your [prescription] that would be great. If you need it today we can do our best to accommodate individual needs,” it added.

No definitive date has been given for the return of services.

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