Why is Jordan's national team called 'Nashama'?


Published: 2024-02-09 12:09

Last Updated: 2024-06-14 14:15

Why is Jordan's national team called 'Nashama'?
Why is Jordan's national team called 'Nashama'?

Since their inaugural appearance in tournaments, football teams have often been associated with nicknames that sometimes overshadow their official names, and "Nashama" stands as one such nickname frequently echoed.

The moniker "Nashama" has emerged as a prevalent term among Arab football enthusiasts, particularly with the remarkable performance of the Jordanian national team in the ongoing Asian Cup in Qatar, where it has advanced to the final for the first time in its history.

This designation embodies strength, resilience, determination, and bravery, setting it apart and earning it recognition in the Arab football landscape.

"Nashama" epitomizes resilient individuals characterized by courage, fortitude, and a readiness to confront challenges.

The term "Nashama" holds widespread significance in Jordan, symbolizing gallantry and bravery deeply rooted in the culture and heritage of the Jordanian people.

This title is embraced with pride to signify a courageous and daring individual, reflecting the optimism and unwavering support of Jordanians for their national football team.