Belgium plans peace conference for two-state solution


Published: 2024-01-22 11:11

Last Updated: 2024-04-16 02:35

Belgium plans peace conference for two-state solution
Belgium plans peace conference for two-state solution

Belgium's Foreign Minister, Hadja Lahbib, announced that her country will soon organize a peace conference to set the two-state solution on the right path.

Lahbib added that Gaza is on the brink of famine and the spread of diseases, calling for a ceasefire and respect for international law.

She expressed her concern about the escalating danger in the West Bank.

On the other hand, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, emphasized the two-state solution, affirming that Tel Aviv cannot build peace through military means alone, ahead of upcoming talks with both the Palestinian and Israeli Occupation foreign ministers.

Borrell stated, "What are the other solutions they are thinking of? Forcing all Palestinians to leave? Killing them?"

Biden: There are multiple patterns for a two-state solution

President Joe Biden previously indicated, during a phone call in his first conversation with Netanyahu in almost a month, that the establishment of an independent Palestinian state is not impossible with Netanyahu in power.

He continued, "There are several patterns for a two-state solution, and some UN member states do not have armies."

Earlier, following statements by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opposing the idea of Palestinian sovereignty in the Gaza Strip, French Foreign Minister Stephane Sejourne stated on X platform, "The Palestinians have the right to sovereignty and to establish a state, and France will remain faithful to its commitment to achieving this goal."

Netanyahu said on Saturday that he would not relinquish full security control over all the territories west of the Jordan River.