Low-pressure system moves away while rainfall, fog persist


Published: 2024-01-12 17:41

Last Updated: 2024-04-17 04:36

Low-pressure system moves away while rainfall, fog persist
Low-pressure system moves away while rainfall, fog persist

Arabia Weather confirmed that the low-pressure system, which affected wide areas in Jordan, is centered in the extreme north of the Kingdom on Friday night.

The low-pressure system is expected to start moving away from Jordan towards the east on Friday night, as reported by Arabia Weather. 

Additionally, the foggy and rainy conditions will persist intermittently on Friday, as some rain-bearing clouds are expected to move towards Jordan, bringing varying intensities of rainfall from time to time, especially in the northern and central regions.

The flow of rain clouds will continue over several parts of northern and central Jordan, with occasional heavy rainfall, particularly in the northern areas, accompanied by fog formation at times. 

Warnings, recommendations

Staying away from riverbeds, reefs, and flood-prone areas, especially in the northern regions, was advised by Arabia Weather. 

Cautiousness is advised due to reduced horizontal visibility caused by fog and clouds touching the ground over high mountainous areas. Additionally, being alert to low visibility on desert roads due to dust and stirred-up sand.

The chances of precipitation are expected to decrease during the evening and night in the central region, according to the weather forecast.

Rainfall will be less extensive and will concentrate overnight in parts of the northern areas, later spreading further north during the night, accompanied by the appearance of some low-level clouds.