New mobile app to help electric vehicles owners in Jordan


Published: 2024-05-05 18:59

Last Updated: 2024-06-24 17:49

A charging station for Electric cars. (Illustrative)
A charging station for Electric cars. (Illustrative)

The President of the Board of Commissioners of the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission, Engineer Ziad Al-Sa'aydeh, announced today the launch of a new official and governmental mobile app that allows users to locate licensed and operational public electric vehicle charging stations in all regions of the Kingdom.

This achievement comes in conjunction with the passage of ten years since the establishment of the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission, as part of its efforts to enhance expansion in providing electric vehicle charging services to citizens - according to Al-Sa’aydah.

He added that the application will provide accurate and comprehensive information enabling citizens to choose the appropriate charging station for their electric vehicles and locate them through Google Maps, as well as determine the number of chargers within each station - and whether they are fast or slow chargers.

Al-Sa'aydeh instructed the Commission's staff to conduct an intensive inspection campaign targeting all licensed charging stations to verify compliance with operating regulations and the provision of services according to required standards. The President and members of the Board of Commissioners participated in the inspection campaign, which lasted for the past three days.

Al-Sa'aydeh urged citizens to submit any complaints or inquiries regarding electric vehicle charging stations through communication channels with the Commission's Monitoring and Emergency Center, which operates around the clock at 06-5805025.

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