Jordanian Customs warns citizens


Published: 2024-05-04 16:34

Last Updated: 2024-06-16 20:22

Jordanian Customs Department office in Amman.
Jordanian Customs Department office in Amman.

The Jordanian Customs Department has renewed its warnings to all citizens regarding fake auction pages circulating on social media platforms or received through applications or other electronic platforms. These pages aim to deceive citizens, steal their data, and commit electronic fraud upon accessing them - a statement by the customs department said today.

The department urged citizens not to pay attention to such pages and websites and to obtain news from official sources such as the department's official website and its pages on various social media platforms. They emphasized the importance of verifying the authenticity of these links, information, and sources due to the abundance of fake pages, links, and messages impersonating customs personnel to deceive recipients into believing they are issued by the Customs Department.

The Jordanian Customs Department appeals to all citizens not to access such pages and links or engage with them, refrain from providing any personal information, and avoid falling victim to any type of fraud or electronic theft.

The Customs Department confirms that all electronic services provided by the department are clearly outlined on its official website and do not require such information. It has also contacted the relevant authorities to take necessary legal actions against the owners and promoters of such pages, in preparation for referring them to the judiciary.

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