Zara faces huge backlash over controversial campaign


Published: 2023-12-09 16:16

Last Updated: 2024-06-19 00:48

Zara faces huge backlash over controversial campaign
Zara faces huge backlash over controversial campaign

Spanish clothing retailer Zara is currently grappling with a public relations crisis following the release of its latest campaign, "ZARA ATELIER. Collection 04_The Jacket."

The campaign has triggered a massive wave of outrage due to its use of controversial imagery that references sensitive issues.

- The Campaign -

Zara said that the central focus of its campaign, titled "The Jacket," is an exercise in concentrated design that aims to demonstrate the versatility of the garment. However, the promotional pictures have drawn severe criticism for employing unsettling imagery, including what appears to be bodies wrapped in a white body bag reminiscent of traditional Muslim burial attire. The campaign also features rocks, rubble, and a cardboard cutout resembling the map of Palestine.

- Public Outcry -

The provocative imagery has elicited an overwhelmingly negative response, especially from individuals who were once loyal customers of the brand.

Commenters expressed shock, dismay, and anger at what they perceived as a blatant attempt to use sensitive political issues for marketing purposes.

"My jaw dropped seeing this. Boycott for life. You are disgusting demons. I can't believe what I'm looking at," a social media user wrote.

Another one said, "Do you think that 20,000 people are killed, and it is normal for you to use their deaths as a marketing method? Don't come out and say you didn't mean to... disgusting." 

"This is DISGUSTING!! Such a shame!! You have made a campaign based on the genocide occurring in Gaza. Innocent people dying!!" a social media user added.

- Boycott Calls and Impact -

The controversy has led to a significant number of people calling for a boycott of Zara, a brand that was not previously associated with supporting Israeli Occupation.

Social media platforms have been flooded with hashtags urging consumers to reconsider their loyalty to the brand, resulting in potential long-term damage to Zara's reputation.

As of now, Zara has not issued a public response or statement regarding the controversy.