'Jordan thwarts Iranian plot to smuggle weapons across its territory,' reports Reuters


Published: 2024-05-15 10:14

Last Updated: 2024-05-25 08:28

'Jordan thwarts Iranian plot to smuggle weapons across its territory,' reports Reuters
'Jordan thwarts Iranian plot to smuggle weapons across its territory,' reports Reuters

Armed groups loyal to Iran in Syria have been implicated in an attempt to smuggle weapons to a cell associated with an organization in Jordan, with the intention of eventually delivering them to a Palestinian movement. This plot was foiled by Jordan, as revealed by unnamed Jordanian sources to Reuters.

The report indicates that investigations are still ongoing with those accused of smuggling weapons into the country, with several arrests made in connection with an attempt to "spread chaos." However, there has been no official confirmation or denial of this information from Jordanian authorities.

This revelation comes amidst heightened concerns over regional security and the illicit trafficking of arms across borders.

Notably, just two days prior to this report, Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi engaged in discussions with his Syrian counterpart, Faisal Mekdad. The focus of their talks was on border security and the ongoing battle against drug smuggling. They discussed the results of communications conducted by relevant authorities in both countries aimed at thwarting smuggling operations and addressing the dangers they pose.

The meeting between Safadi and Mekdad took place ahead of the preparatory meeting of Arab foreign ministers for the Arab League Council at the summit level, hosted by Bahrain.

According to a statement from Jordan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the two ministers discussed various issues, including efforts to stop the aggression against the Gaza Strip and the humanitarian catastrophe it has caused. They also addressed ways to enhance coordination and cooperation regarding priority issues, particularly the Palestinian cause, and efforts within the Arab context to achieve security and stability in the region.

Furthermore, the meeting touched upon efforts to reach a political solution to the Syrian crisis that respects Syria's sovereignty and unity, while addressing the aspirations of its people. The ministers stressed the importance of the role of the Arab Ministerial Liaison Committee concerned with Syria within the broader efforts of the Arab track.

Minister Safadi emphasized the necessity of reaching a political solution to the Syrian crisis, following a step-by-step approach in line with UN Security Council Resolution 2254. Both ministers highlighted the need for continued consultation and coordination to end the Syrian crisis and foster positive cooperation between the two countries.

These developments underscore the intricate web of regional geopolitics and the ongoing challenges faced by countries like Jordan and Syria in maintaining security and stability amidst shifting alliances and geopolitical tensions.