Homeless Jordanian family pleads for help


Published: 2023-10-03 15:19

Last Updated: 2023-11-28 19:29

Homeless Jordanian family pleads for help
Homeless Jordanian family pleads for help

A Jordanian man, along with his wife and son, are currently living on the streets, finding shelter in the open areas in Al-Mahatta area in East Amman.

This unfortunate situation arose after the man lost his job and could not afford to pay rent for their home.

The man told Roya that he lost his job at a factory two years ago and has been struggling to find new employment that would allow him to provide for his family.

He further explained that despite his persistent efforts, he has not been able to secure a job that would cover their basic needs.

This dire circumstance forced them to resort to living on the streets with their son.

The young man is pleading for assistance in finding a small room to accommodate his family and help in securing a job that would enable them to meet their needs.

He urgently requests support ahead of the winter season.

For those willing to help, you can reach out via email at [email protected] or call 0096264206419.

-Jordanian ministries extend support-

The Jordanian ministries of Social Development and Labor have reached out to Roya in order to get in contact with the young Jordanian man.

Amer Hayasat, the Assistant Secretary-General for Directorate and Governorate Affairs, confirmed that a team from the Marka Development Directorate visited the family's location, assessed their situation, and provided them with a JD 30 voucher.

The team also arranged to meet with the head of the family Wednesday at the Marka Development Directorate "with all his supporting documents to study his case and follow up on it accordingly."

If the eligibility criteria are met - the absence of any source of income or assets - the family is entitled to participate in the Unified Cash Support Program through the National Aid Fund, receiving monthly cash support of JD 100, according to a source at the fund.

The Ministry of Labor also requested the family's address and phone number to assist them in the field of employment.