'Ahmed Hassan Al-Zoubi' hashtag trends in Jordan


Published: 2023-08-13 17:20

Last Updated: 2024-06-14 17:05

'Ahmed Hassan Al-Zoubi' hashtag trends in Jordan
'Ahmed Hassan Al-Zoubi' hashtag trends in Jordan

The hashtag 'Ahmed Hassan Al-Zoubi' topped the list of trending hashtags on social media in Jordan on Sunday.

This came following the Amman Magistrate Court's decision on Wednesday to impose a one-year prison sentence and a fine on journalist Ahmed Hassan Al-Zoubi.

Following the court's decision, Zoubi tweeted: "Today I was informed about the court's ruling to sentence me to one year in prison in connection to the case of the transportation strike in Ma'an."

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Two weeks ago, Zoubi, who is also the owner of the Sawaleif website operating since 2008, announced his decision to shut down the website's social media accounts if the Cybercrime draft law is enacted.

Additionally, Zoubi stated that he will deactivate his personal accounts if the draft law receives approval. He called for the withdrawal of specific articles in the Cybercrime Law that pertain to journalistic work and public freedoms, asserting that they pose a threat to the media's role.

Zoubi expressed that no press materials would be published on the website's social media and considered shutting down the website by year-end. He asserted his refusal to limit the media's role to only government-related news and vowed not to engage with social media posts via his private accounts.