Jordan records 27 cases of measles


Published: 2023-05-28 10:55

Last Updated: 2023-09-29 09:26

Jordan records 27 cases of measles
Jordan records 27 cases of measles

Director of the Epidemiology Department at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Ayman Muqabla, said that 27 cases of measles have been detected in Jordan.

The cases include seven in Amman, 19 in Irbid, and one in Ajloun.

A team has been formed to track the contacts of infected individuals, with over 500 contacts traced so far.

Measures have been taken to ensure that the healthcare staff dealing with these cases are vaccinated.

It is emphasized that vaccination is crucial, as no fully vaccinated infections have been recorded.

The infected person can potentially transmit the disease to around 17 people, highlighting the importance of vaccination programs and preventive measures.

The Ministry of Health has a plan in place to address measles infections, which includes vaccination campaigns targeting students in schools, shelters, and healthcare centers across Jordan. The national vaccination program in schools is mandatory, with vaccination cards reviewed upon entry.

Infected individuals are isolated and provided with appropriate treatment.