Jordanian talk show 'Haki Tani' in its Iraqi version


Published: 2023-05-04 15:38

Last Updated: 2023-09-29 05:50

Jordanian talk show 'Haki Tani' in its Iraqi version
Jordanian talk show 'Haki Tani' in its Iraqi version

After the success achieved by the Jordanian talk show "Haki Tani" in its first season on Roya TV, the Roya Media Group is launching a new season in the Iraqi version called "Haji Than" with Iraqi presenters and guests.

"Haji Thani" will tackle important events and news that concern Iraqi youth by providing a useful and entertaining platform for dialogue among Roya's Iraqi audience. The new season is expected to achieve similar success to that of the Jordanian version.

The Jordanian "Haki Tani" program hosts a new group of youth every episode to discuss different topics. The show features four Jordanian hosts who discuss various social issues and situations based on their personal perspectives and experiences. The show’s latest season has been widely successful.

The "Haji Thani" show brings positive and constructive messages to the young Iraqi audience, encouraging them to participate in discussions and dialogue that matter to them, express their opinions, exchange experiences and information with each other, and contribute to promoting social and cultural awareness across different aspects of their lives.

The Jordanian and Iraqi versions of the show are distinguished by their engaging, distinctive, and innovative style, and have a wide following in Jordan, Iraq, and the Arab World in general.

To watch the previous season of "Haki Tani" Jordan, visit Roya TV’s official website or tune in by downloading the Roya Waves app.