Arrests made for counterfeit JD 50 banknotes


Published: 2023-02-17 18:09

Last Updated: 2024-06-22 02:27

Arrests made for counterfeit JD 50 banknotes
Arrests made for counterfeit JD 50 banknotes

Friday, the Public Security Directorate (PSD) dismantled a local criminal network involved in the production and circulation of counterfeit JD 50 banknotes.

The PSD's spokesperson said that investigations, implemented with the Anti-Narcotics Department (AND), led them to a criminal network that produced a large quantity of the new JD 50 banknote.

According to a statement released by the PSD, the police were anonymously notified that a number of people are in possession of a large amount of fake JD 50 banknotes in Balqa and Rusaifa.

Investigators successfully identified four suspects, all of whom were arrested in Amman.

A total of 184 fake banknotes (JD 9,200) and a quantity of narcotic substances were seized.

Following interrogations, the suspects admitted that they had acquired the counterfeit cash from the main forger in the Aqaba.

According to the spokesperson, police officers in Aqaba were able to locate and arrest the forger, as well as seize the fake cash in addition to the printers, ink, laptops and equipment used to produce the counterfeit currency.

Notably, all those involved will be referred to the Public Prosecutor of the State Security Court.

The PSD advised citizens and residents to be careful when it comes to dealing with the new banknotes, saying that it is easy to detect if the notes are fake due to the poor method of production.

Authorities also called on people to contact them if they see or find anything suspicious by calling 911.