Adding 'Jordanian women' to constitution is a tribute: Prime Minister


Published: 2022-01-12 11:26

Last Updated: 2024-04-15 12:20

Jordan's PM, Bishr Al-Khasawneh
Jordan's PM, Bishr Al-Khasawneh

Wednesday, Jordan’s Prime Minister Bishr Al-Khasawneh confirmed the government views the constitution as an ‘integrated unit,’ and that adding the phrase ‘Jordanian women’ to the title of the second chapter of the constitution is nothing but a tribute to Jordanian women, and the skepticism raised about this issue is misplaced.

Under the dome of the House of Representatives, Khasawneh added that Jordan is a pioneer in securing and honoring women for their role and status in society.

Khasawneh stressed that the talk about not explaining and marketing the constitutional amendments falls mostly out of confusion over these amendments, which constitute a major reform leap.

And he indicated that the government and the Royal Committee for the Modernization of the Political System provided a broad and complete explanation of the constitutional amendments and the reasons for them, for all people of society.