UAE cancels cinema censorship, introduces 21+ rating


Published: 2021-12-19 21:04

Last Updated: 2024-05-18 13:35

UAE cancels cinema censorship, introduces 21+ rating
UAE cancels cinema censorship, introduces 21+ rating

The United Arab Emirates announced on Sunday that it will no longer impose censorship on films shown in cinemas, but will include a 21 and above age rating for films deemed to be for mature audiences.

The Media Regulatory Office of the Emirati Ministry of Culture said in a tweet that it had introduced a 21+ age category to its motion picture content rating system.

“According to this classification, the international version of movies will be shown in cinemas, with an emphasis on the strict following of age classification standards for audience entry,” it added.

This comes at a time when the country is constantly updating its social laws. Late last year, the UAE announced amendments to some personal status laws as part of its efforts to develop its legislative structure.

The country allowed unmarried couples to live together, eased restrictions on the purchase and consumption of alcohol, began granting long-term residencies, and allowed full foreign ownership of companies.

The UAE is home to 10 million people, including 9 million foreigners.