Students depending on remote learning suffer from power outages in Jordan


Published: 2021-05-21 14:57

Last Updated: 2022-07-02 08:57

Editor: Dalia Kharoufeh

Students depending on remote learning suffer from power outages in Jordan
Students depending on remote learning suffer from power outages in Jordan

Friday, the majority of Jordan fell into darkness as power outages were reported in different regions across the Kingdom, including Amman, Zarqa and Irbid.

Although citizens and residents flocked to express their frustration with the power cuts that have affected internet and cellular network connections, students seem to bear the brunt of the power outages, especially in the era of COVID-19.

Since the coronavirus crisis dawned on the world, educational institutions relied heavily on online or remote learning to complete studies, in order to limit virus transmission.

An international university student, Dana Dmour, who studies at the IE University in Spain, expressed her concerns about the electricity cuts to Roya News English, especially in the light of exam season.

Dmour conveyed her frustration, noting that the cuts have disabled her from accessing her university content.

"I would like to mention the frustration that I am feeling at the current moment over the power cut that has led to me not being able to access the internet."

She stressed that today has been a "nerve-wracking experience," adding that she has a final exam Friday.

In a phone call with a Roya News English correspondent, Dmour explained that she was afraid that her foreign professor would not understand why she could not access her online exam site, or accept her circumstances as mitigating.

Dmour explained that after the pandemic hit, she decided to resort to e-learning while staying in Jordan.
"But incidents like these keep jeopardizing my learning process," she lastly added.

In turn, the Director General of the Jordanian Electric Power Company (JEPCO) Hassan Abdullah said there is no major malfunction on their part and that the issue stems from the parent company.

Additionally, a source stated that the cause of the malfunction was due to experimental loading of electricity onto the Attar station network.

This led to a difference in the electrical frequency in the network causing an auto-shutdown across all power stations, he added.

He noted that the current outages will be restored shortly.

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