Agriculture Ministry warns against weather condition


Published: 2020-01-08 16:54

Last Updated: 2020-01-09 10:00

Agriculture Ministry warns against weather condition
Agriculture Ministry warns against weather condition

The Ministry of Water and Irrigation and the Jordan Valley Authority have called on citizens and farmers in all regions of the Kingdom to take all necessary measures regarding the expected weather conditions.

Spokesman for the Ministry, Omar Salameh explained that cadres of the Water Authority, the Jordan Valley Authority, and the water companies take the necessary precautions in such conditions and that the Operations and Control Center at the Ministry and the Complaint Center follow up on the weather updates.

Salameh confirmed that farmers must take the necessary precautionary measures to protect their plants in all regions.

He explained that the cadres of the Jordan Valley Authority in Al Aghwar areas and the Wadi Araba are ready to deal with any emergency case, confirming that operations rooms are ready round the clock to receive any reports of emergency.

The Ministry emphasized that sheep farmers are to avoid grazing near streams and valleys to keep sheep safe.

The media spokesman called on citizens not to connect rainwater gutters with sewerage networks and protect water meters.

Citizens are urged to call the complaints center phone number (117116) in case of emergency.