Report: Jordan has one million unmarried females


Published: 2019-09-23 15:47

Last Updated: 2024-05-28 06:22

Report: Jordan has one million unmarried females
Report: Jordan has one million unmarried females

The Sisterhood is Global Institute (SIGI) has issued a report on the marital statuses of both genders in all governorate of the Kingdom. 

The report indicated that Jordan has around one million single females, 1.7 million married women, 44,000 divorced women, and 247,000 widows.

According to the 2018 Gender Indicators issued by the Department of Statistics on "Marital Statuses in Jordan," the total number of people above 15 years of age is 6,768,000, including 3,126,000 females and 3,642,000 males.

The report revealed that 2,726,000 people are singles, 3,675,000 are married, 65,000 are divorced, and 301,000 are widowed.

An analysis of the marital statuses of females aged 15 years and over shows that 34.9% of them are singles, representing around 1,010 million, 55.8% of them are married, representing 1,744 million, 1.4% of them are divorced, representing around 43,000, and 7.9% of them are widowed, representing around 246,000.

However, 44.9% of males are singles (1.635 million), 53% are married, (1.93 million), 0.6% are divorced (21,000), 1.5% are widowed (54,000).

Balqa governorate had the highest number of single males and females, where around 36.2% of females are singles, while 47.6% of males are single.

However, Jerash governorate had the lowest rate of single females, where around 32.8% of females are singles, while Aqaba had the lowest rate of single males with a percentage of 43.1%.

Jerash came first in terms of the percentage of married females (60%) and Aqaba governorate in first place in terms of the number of married males (55.4%).

Tafilah had the lowest rate of married females (53.9%) while Amman and Madaba had the lowest rate of married males (52% each).

Mafraq governorate had the highest rate of divorced men and woman, with 2% of women are divorced, while 0.8% of men are divorced.

On the other hand, around 0.9% divorced women were found in Madaba, while 0.3% were found in Karak and 0.3% in Jerash.

The report showed that the highest percentage of widows was found in Zarqa (8.8%), while the highest of widowers was found in Amman (1.9%).

The lowest rate of widows was registered in Aqaba (5.7%), while the lowest for widowers was found in Jerash (0.5%).